Web design and SEO for restaurants for South Florida.
SEO and Custom Web Design in South Florida, specializing in restaurants and small businesses.
Web design, SEO and marketing for Physicians, Lawyers, and other professionals.
Web design web palm beach
SEO, custom websites, marketing and online ordering for restaurants. Located in West Palm Beach, South Florida
Web designer in west palm beach, Florida
Web design for restaurants in West Palm Beach, South Florida
SEO and websites for small and medium business such as auto mechanics and body shops
We specialize in websites, online ordering and Google Ads marketing for restaurants and catering businesses.
SEO is what ranks websites highm especially for restaurants andother small andmedium business competing against larger companies.

Website Design, SEO, Marketing and Online Ordering for Restaurants, and small and medium businesses. Servicing Sunnyvale and the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Alabama, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Orlando, FL

Konek Terra
SEO, Website Design, Marketing
for Proven Business Growth

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Website . SEO . Marketing . Design . Growth

BUSINESS GROWTH ON THE WEB requires SEO that really works, Professional Custom Website Design, and Online Marketing done well. Business growthrequires a Professional Web Presence., perhaps the best investment to grow in a competitive place.

Our overall Silicon Valley approach and experience surpasses the typical websites used by businesses, with real difference in sales increase and business growth.
Web design for restaurants with website, ordering online and SEO in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Web design for Professionals like an Orthopedic Medical Doctor with website and SEO, offered in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Web design for contractots and boat shops with website and SEO in Palm Beach, Florida.
Web design for Auto Mechanics with website and SEO.
Web design for restaurants with website, ordering online and SEO.
Web design for Wellness and Lifestyle with website and SEO.
Web design for Hair Salons and Hairderessers with website and SEO.
  • Highly Competitive Search Results
  • 1st Page Ranking
  • Custom Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Photography
  • Professionall
  • Put Website in 1st Page
  • 1st or Top 3 Search Ranking in Most Clients
  • Analytics
  • Own Custom SEO Approach
  • Faster Results
  • Experience in the most competitive places
  • Results Oriented
  • Push the Envelope!
  • Business Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Analytics
  • Results Oriented
  • Services Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Business Promotion
  • Short Term Campaigns
  • Long Term Campaigns
  • User Centered Design
  • Design for Web Ranking Approach
  • Custom Design
  • Responsive
  • Classic to Modern Aesthetics
  • Photography
  • Attention to Detail
  • WOW Factor

Professional Custom Websites

Our custom websites beat the great majority of other businesses in the most competitive areas such as Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Orlando.

Most websites for businesses do not work well in ranking high in searches in competitive places and in driving new business - we have developed our own approach that beats our client's competition.

Our approach is different, customized to your business, professional, and most important: It works!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Successful SEO is the key to top search rankings and to grow your business.

We have our own approach to SEO.

The results are impressive, most of our clients are listed at the 1st search result or in the top three to five business search results.

Online Marketing

Although a Top Ranking Website is the primary organic marketing asset on the Web, Targeted Online Marketing such as Google Ads are a great complement, if done properly.

Google Ads and other PPC marketing work very well when designed and managed properly. Today it's easy to do with just a bit of self-training, but it does not mean that it will work. It's easy to waste your money in inefficient marketing campaigns without obtaining the desired results, or with almost no results.

In our experience, professional PPC marketing campaigns work really well, driving new business and getting new clients with an excellent ROI (Return on Investment).

Google and PPC Ads are easy to make them yourself, but it also it easily means throwing away your budget.

Google and PPC Ads done well require knowledge and experience, with great results!

Design - Website & Business

User Centered Design is the basis for our websites.

We expand our clients imagination and business possibilities. We have the experience to do professional User Centered Design, and we do spend the time needed with our clients until we understand what they want, and need.

Photography. We believe that photographs are a fundamental component in portraying your business and dreams. We take most or all photographs, when possible.

We spend all the time needed with you until we understand your business in depth.

We get results well beyond your expectations.